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Choosing the right industrial fabrication company isn’t always an easy decision. It’s not just about the budget and timeline. If a business can’t deliver a high quality project and keep up with demand, it hurts the reputation of the client. Safety standards have to be met. When selecting the organization that will provide industrial fabrication, here are three essential elements that have to be carefully examined before making a final decision. The Fabrication Company and Their Business Practices The first element of choosing an industrial fabrication company is the actual business itself. Here are some criteria to look for: Ask […]

When a business has to frequently make use of large facilities such as factories, industrial plants and refineries, routine turnarounds are necessary. During a turnaround, the daily operations in the facility come to a halt and maintenance is performed on the machinery. Useful as this practice is for keeping operations running smoothly, turnarounds can be dangerous if they are mishandled. If a few common mistakes are avoided, it should be smooth sailing. Leadership Mistakes Bad Planning – Turnarounds are complex endeavors, and often several machines need expert maintenance at once. Strong logistics must be a top priority. Messy Scheduling – […]

To know how an accelerated project benefits your project, you need to understand what it is. When a project is being built, typically, there is a sequence that is followed for each phase. In accelerated project sequence, the engineering and construction teams work together and overlap phases of construction when possible. The key benefit in this is just a faster sequence of construction, but there are many more advantages for your organization when you use an accelerated project sequence for your project. Here are some of the advantages for your business. Engineering Cost Savings Although it might seem counterintuitive, having […]

A modular skid unit houses a process system within a frame so that the system can be transported easily. Often used in process engineering, and in industries such as chemical, agriculture, software development and pharmaceuticals, a modular process skid offers a high level of quality control, efficient use of space and pre-delivery testing to ensure ultimate functionality. Additional advantages include fast installation and easy system accessibility. Quality fabrication teams know that putting this kind of self-contained process in place makes the work day go much more smoothly for everyone involved. One-Party Responsibility and Quality Control With traditional stick-built construction, many […]

In order for a company to be able to complete large scale industrial tasks such as building renovations, maintenance and the construction of new facilities, it is crucial that the company be in touch with an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firm. Many companies, however, often overlook the important role that procurement plays in their operations. Defining Procurement In the world of business, procurement is a term used to refer to a company acquiring goods and services from places outside of itself. For instance, if the administrators of a business decide that it is time to expand and build some […]

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