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The Gulf Coast region of Louisiana and Texas is home to one of the most active industrial hubs in the nation. A major reason for this is the rich array of benefits and resources that are characteristic of this area. There are, however some obstacles and challenges inherent to the Gulf Coast. To deliver outstanding EPC services, any firm doing business in this area must have a firm grasp of the concerns unique to Louisiana and Texas and they must act accordingly. What follows is a description of several of these key regional EPC concerns. Work and Construction Much of […]

One of the most important tools of success for any large-scale industrial project is effective project management. The quality of project management directly impacts the overall success or failure of the project itself. That is because project management affects just about all major aspects of the project. In this article we’ll take a look at some of these key areas affected by project management and how a good or poor level of project management would impact them. Project Management Affects Costs Whether the project in question is smaller in scale with no more than a thousand dollars available or larger […]

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) firms offer a wide range of added benefits and value to customers by consolidating the various aspects of engineering and building. In order to maximize these benefits and reap the greatest reward, it is essential that best EPC practices be followed. Key EPC practices to look for when selecting an EPC firm include the following. Smooth Integration – One of the most basic necessities of a good EPC firm is that it firmly integrate the various aspects of engineering, procurement, and construction. Consolidation of these phases should yield better quality, efficiency, and savings, but only […]

Choosing the right company to perform industrial fabrication is crucial to the success of a project. The quality of the fabrication will likely impact how long the product lasts, how dependable it is, and perhaps even the associated upkeep and maintenance costs. The fabrication must be timely and cost effective and the performance of the work must meet all safety standards. Choosing the right company for your industrial fabrication project can also be a very difficult decision. We’ve compiled a brief checklist of fabrication best practices to make the task a little more manageable. The Company The quality of your […]

Quality is important in every type of business transaction. Industrial fabrication is particularly important because the quality of the fabrication will continue to affect performance for many years to come. This article highlights several of the key areas that fabrication quality impacts. Maintenance From routine service and maintenance to more full scale shutdowns and turnarounds, maintenance costs have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line. In many cases a high quality fabricated product will incur much lower maintenance costs over the course of its service life span than a poorly fabricated product. In addition to maintenance costs, the ease […]

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