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Finding a great EPC firm is an integral part of completing a wide range of different industrial projects including new facilities construction, renovations, and routine maintenance. However, it is common for companies to get so fixated on an EPC firm’s experience and capabilities with regard to engineering and construction that they overlook or downplay the importance of the third piece of the EPC triad: procurement. In this article we’ll take a look at what procurement is, how it works, and what the benefits of great procurement services are. What Is Procurement? Procurement refers to the acquisition of goods and services […]

Routine turnarounds are a fact of life at most industrial plants, factories, and refineries. It is during this time that day-to-day operations cease and important maintenance and service duties are carried out. Turnarounds are also expensive and potentially dangerous if handled incorrectly. Avoiding the following common mistakes will go a long way toward making your next industrial turnaround more successful. Financial Mistakes Too Much Cost Cutting – Turnarounds are extremely costly and it is prudent to attempt to keep costs as low as possible without damaging the success of the turnaround. However, too much cost cutting can backfire and result […]

Individuals and companies who have never worked with a process engineer before may erroneously assume that process engineers deal only in theoretical work with no concrete application to industrial and commercial operations. Nothing could be further from the truth. Process engineers are highly trained experts capable of applying their expertise to an array of different industries and business models and improving the efficiency and profitability of those companies. Consider the following 12 things you may not have known a process engineer can do. Increase Product Output – For any industrial or manufacturing company a major area of concern will be […]

Polaris got its start by offering high quality process engineering consulting services to clients eager to debottleneck their operations and increase their productivity. As a result, process engineering continues to be a pivotal service for us. Many companies and site visitors who could benefit from process engineering may not know to seek it simply because they are unsure what it is or do not fully understand it. An Overview of Process Engineering Process engineering is the discipline of engineering that focuses on design processes, operation, process control, and process optimization. Process engineering may focus on physical, chemical, or biological processes. […]

Efficiency is a primary concern for all industries. Every business wants to increase its operational capacity without incurring extra costs or spending huge amounts of money on a new facility. Engineering consulting services is an excellent tool to show clients how to debottleneck their operations and maximize their efficiency. What Is an Operations Bottleneck and Why Is It a Problem? The term bottleneck arises from the relatively narrower neck of a bottle as it tapers toward the opening. This narrow neck limits the amount of fluid that can pass through the neck and out of the opening. While for actual […]

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