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Choosing the best fabrication facility for a project is one of the most important decisions that you can make since it will have a direct impact on the safety, cost, production timeline, and quality of your equipment or materials. In order to make an informed decision about which fabrication facility to use it is crucial to understand some of the key ways in which fabrication facilities can be evaluated. ASME Certification ASME, or the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, is an organization that was first founded in 1880 by a group of leading engineers who were alarmed at the high […]

Consulting services can have a dramatic effect on the efficiency and profitability of an industrial facility, helping that facility meet its full potential. To do this the consulting firm will identify and diagnosis problems or shortfalls, analyze processes and systems for weak spots, develop strategies to resolve issues, and assist the facility in implementing and establishing these changes. What follows is a discussion of several of the key ways in which consulting services go about this process in their goal to help industrial facilities meet their full potential. Consulting Services Help Facilities Identify Areas of Improvement One important way that […]

In many ways industrial fabrication is the very backbone of industry itself. It is industrial fabrication that creates the equipment, parts, and structures that ultimately form the framework of industrial facilities and that allows them to reach their full production potential. Thus, it is vital that the company performing industrial fabrication for your facility be the best that it can be. Yet, competition is fierce and finding the best industrial fabrication company isn’t always easy. To aid in your search we’ve compiled the following list of important qualities to look for when choosing an industrial fabrication company. Capacity & Fabrication […]

Industry and manufacturing are cornerstones of our society. They allow us to enjoy a high quality of living and they also hold the promise of even greater advances in the future. However, the industrial and manufacturing sectors could not exist without the equipment, structures, and resources created by industrial fabrication, and in turn industrial fabrication as we know it could not exist without welding. Let’s take a look at how welding serves industrial fabrication as well as the different types of welding services. How Welding In General Serves Industrial Fabrication Welding is the process of securely joining two materials together […]

Before entering into any type of business relationship it is important to lay the groundwork by ensuring that the main decision makers and points-of-contact are all on the same page. This is particularly important when you are interviewing an Engineering, Procurement and Construction firm because the work performed will have a very strong and direct impact on your productivity, comfort, and success as a company. What follows is a discussion of some key questions to ask when interviewing a potential EPC firm. Engineering Questions What types of engineering do you specialize in? What is your experience and background in this/these […]

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