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There are many engineering services and construction services companies out there, all of which will naturally come with their own set of resources, experiences, and expertise. However, quite often rather than choosing two separate companies from among this vast array of options, it is beneficial to consolidate engineering and construction services. Let’s take a look at some key benefits of using the same company for both engineering and construction services for a project.

Using the Same Company is Convenient

One of the best benefits of using the same company for both engineering and construction services is the convenience this approach yields. All communications can go through one company. There is often a single point of contact. Billing and invoicing may be simplified. The amount of research and legwork when selecting the company may be reduced, and all in all it is typically a much easier process for the project owners and client company.

Using the Same Company for Engineering and Construction Can Save Money

Another big advantage of using the same company for both engineering and construction services is the cost savings that often result from the greater efficiency this approach yields. This is in part made possible because the engineering and construction company can save money by undertaking both projects simultaneously compared to doing them individually and can thus pass that savings on to clients. Likewise, the engineering and construction company may bundle services and offer a lower price as an incentive to clients compared to what they would charge for individual services.

The Engineering Company Gains a Superior Depth of Knowledge

Another benefit of consolidating engineering and construction companies is that the company will typically gain an enhanced depth of knowledge about the project. From an engineering standpoint, the engineers will already have a full understanding of the capabilities, costs, timelines of the project, as well as the equipment and materials necessary to execute the project. They will also have better internal communication within the company.

From a construction standpoint, the builders and project managers will also benefit by having ready access to the engineer, who can in turn answer any questions as needed. Likewise if a change is necessary it can be done more easily and efficiently. The entire project will benefit from the greater depth of knowledge the engineering and construction divisions have about the project.

Using One Company Facilitates Better Communication

As touched on above, using one company for engineering and construction facilitates better communication, both from an internal standpoint within the company and for the client to the company. It allows for stronger relationship to develop and a greater awareness of communication styles. It reduces many of the logistical hurdles and allows for easier collaboration.

Using the Same Company for Engineering and Construction Creates Time Savings

Having one company perform both types of services can also creates time savings. Many aspects of the process of engineering and construction overlap with each other. Additionally, some of the beginning phases of construction can be performed while the end stages of engineering are taking place. The greater workflow efficiency between these two segments allows aspects of the project to be finished more quickly. Lastly, different departments within the company can assist each other by rearranging schedules as needed to compensate for delays.

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