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Project managers have a diverse array of responsibilities during industrial projects. There is a huge amount of different factors at play during most projects and project managers often have a degree of responsibility for many if not most of these different functions. However, some responsibilities are more crucial and fundamental than other. Let’s take a look at some of the key responsibilities of project managers.

Project Managers Monitor and Control Costs

Cost is a key consideration for all industrial projects. Even extremely well-funded projects must keep one eye toward cost control to keep the project profitable and efficient. Project managers are responsible for monitoring costs, keeping project owners and key individuals informed of cost and cost changes, and whenever possible controlling costs and eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Project Managers Plan the Project

One of the most fundamental yet complicated elements of project management is planning. Large-scale industrial projects have many different activities happening at one time with large numbers of people, contractors, subcontractors, vendors, and other companies involved. This can create a major logistical challenge that must be carefully and effectively managed to ensure that everyone and everything is in the right place at the right time and that the project is proceeding accordinging to plan.

Project Managers Control Scheduling

Project managers also control scheduling. This is necessary to ensure sufficient manpower is available for a task at any given time and to ensure that deliveries of equipment and materials occur at the right time when they are needed, but not when they will be in the way. Project managers also oversee benchmarks and ensure that the project is running according to schedule.

Project Managers Set Priorities

There are often many different tasks and responsibilities calling for attention at the same time during industrial projects. It will likely feel like all of these tasks are important and urgent for the different teams and workers performing the tasks. However, project managers will have a top-level view of the project and will know which duties are truly of the highest priority and which can be delayed.

Project Managers Focus on Safety

Safety is crucial at all industrial worksites. Accidents can claim worker lives, cause major injuries, create PR nightmares for the company, and destroy or damage expensive and valuable equipment or facilities. Failure to keep jobsites safe can also cause a company to run afoul of OSHA regulations or other safety mandates. Safety must, therefore, be a central focus at all times. Project managers must ensure that the project is being performed safely.

Project Managers Keep Communication Open and Effective

Project managers also help the different teams, companies, and workers at a jobsite communicate effectively. This an be done by creating and monitoring a communication system and by handling disputes and misunderstandings when they occur. Effective communication is fundamental to ensure that the project stays on track. Polaris provides strong, reliable project management services for industrial clients. We understand the varied challenges that each project faces and have the experience and expertise to respond accordingly.

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