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When selecting an industrial contractor, it’s crucial to ask the right questions and fully understand all the options. Making the optimal decision can result in saving money, disappointment, frustration, and time. Let’s take a look at some key questions to ask an industrial contractor before hiring them.

Key Questions to Ensure Your Industrial Contractor is Working for You

Choosing an industrial contractor that employs the design-build method equips you with the advantage and convenience of a single point of contact. This method is popular in the industrial sector because it improves and increases communication, and also reduces the chance of design mistakes. Furthermore, use of the design-build technique ensures design synthesis and the capacity to establish objectives that will be carried over into aspects of the plan. With total responsibility, the industrial contractor can control every detail, reducing your liability and risk. We recommend focusing on these key areas to ensure your industrial contractor is working for you.

  • Time tables – A definite deadline for completing the project should be presented. Make sure to verify if past work has been achieved on time.
  • Quotes – Request a written, comprehensive quote if one is not provided automatically to give you a thorough understanding of all project details and charges.
  • Qualifications – Industrial contractors need to be licensed and insured to be a contender for your business. Also, ask if they handle all phases of the design-build process, including the architectural aspects.
  • Appropriate bids – High-quality industrial contractors will charge accordingly. We recommend you collect a few bids but beware of a significantly low bid, which can turn out to be more expensive in the end.
  • Open lines of communication – Industrial contractors should be willing to explain the entire method to you and be quick to respond to any concerns you may have before, during, and after the process. Make sure they are proactive in design and building updates so you won’t have to check continually for updates.
  • Experience – You need an industrial contractor who has been working for several years in the industry, and that has plenty of new industrial construction expertise. They need to understand fully and be able to adapt to the scope of your project, including prefabricated industrial building and complete industrial design-build services.
  • Recommendations – Ask for recommendations to determine the best company for your project. If others have been pleased, chances are you will also be satisfied with the industrial contractor.

Regardless of whom you choose, make sure to select an experienced design-build contractor with a broad set of capabilities and an excellent reputation. With the streamlined coordination of a design-build industrial contractor, you will find that project completion is faster, and quality is increased.

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