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Firms that offer Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) services consolidate all three aspects of building into a single system, which adds value for customers. By simplifying these aspects for clients, EPC companies can use the field’s best practices to bring maximum benefit to anyone who employs them. However, it is vital to be familiar with the industry’s standards so that finding a high-quality EPC firm will be easier. This article will discuss the factors to consider when hiring an EPC company.

Solid Communication

As in any business setting, effective and clear communication is key in choosing a professional service. The EPC process can be a complicated one, and any firm that seems unable to offer clear and timely communication should be avoided. Problems with the project, such as delays or cost increases, must be explained in a forthright manner. Routine updates about the project should be readily available, and contact people must be reasonably accessible when questions arise. Because the goal behind hiring an EPC company is to simplify the process, having a small number of contact people will help lift the burden on the client for handling logistics.

Simple Integration

Again, the idea of choosing an EPC firm is to streamline the process. In turn, this approach can increase efficiencies, decrease costs and reduce the amount of time it takes to get to the end result. The consolidation of engineering, procurement and construction services should run smoothly for any company on the candidate list.

Dependable Cost Control

Controlling costs in a central tenet for any major building process, and the ideal EPC company will know how to manage costs effectively. Candidates must be able to demonstrate a clear plan for controlling overruns and establishing contingencies for unexpected circumstances. Because the duration of industrial projects will expand exponentially if not carefully monitored, it is crucial to select an EPC partner who understands the restrictions set by the scope of work and can operate within those parameters. The company should be able to supply clear cost estimates, detailed purchasing records and definitive contingency plans.

Timely Procurement

One of the major benefits of working with a good EPC company is that it can properly control procurements so as to maximize efficiencies. Materials that are ordered too late can delay the construction process, while materials that arrive too early must be stored, leading to another possible expense. Established EPC firms have suppliers that they work with on a regular basis that can ensure procurement at the ideal stage in the process. The fact that EPC clients don’t have to worry these logistics is an important part of the value in hiring the firm.

Eye on Quality

There is no point hiring an EPC company if it does not indicate a high standard for quality. Not only should the firm be mindful of the major aspects of the finished work, it must also have an eye for detail that quickly spots any subpar elements. A company that has good communication and efficiency is worthless if the end product is not of a high quality. The best EPC firm candidates will have a solid plan for monitoring quality and ensuring it is at a high level.

High Reliability

A firm that is inconsistent in its reliability is to be avoided. Because a single firm is supposed to be handling so many facets of the project at once, it is vital that the EPC company demonstrates a reliability at all points in the process. Reliable firms lead to efficient, cost-effective projects that are finished quickly with minimal problems along the way.

Risk Management

In an industrial or construction setting, safety is key. The best EPC firms will be able to establish construction sites that put worker safety as the highest priority. The failure to do so could lead to personal injuries to employees or major expenses to the EPC company’s clients. Effective risk management can help decrease the risks in these settings.

These are some of the key factors when selecting an EPC firm to partner with on a major project. Polaris meets all these requirements, as well as offering high levels of experience, capability and resources. It will put clients’ minds at ease, knowing all aspects of a project are being managed effectively and efficiently along the way.

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