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There are key aspects that help any business to succeed. For refining and petrochemical industries EPC, or Engineering, Procurement and Construction, have proven to be essential components to successful operations. However, EPC is of particular importance in the refining and industrial sectors as is evidenced by the success of the Southwest Louisiana hub and the important role EPC has played there. Take a look at the breakdown of EPC, the Louisiana sector and how the two intertwine.

Best EPC Practices

In a nutshell, EPC is the collective implementation of engineering, procurement and construction processes to complete a project. The process is composed of a few key aspects that make it effective, which include:

  • Risk management
  • Cost control
  • Proper procurement
  • Smooth integration
  • Communication

These and other contributing factors help to make sure that the project remains on course and that once complete it results in a quality product. This process has been known to save companies time, costs and resources, which explains its growing popularity, especially within the industrial field.

Southwest Louisiana Refining

Southwest Louisiana is fast becoming a refining and petrochemical hub. The large number of new and expanding plants that have been and continue to be built there speak volumes to this fact. It is projected that this economic boom will have an amazingly positive effect on the local community. In fact, it is predicted to not only bring new jobs, but also expansion to local businesses in the area. For example, there will be a need for new housing for the numerous workers that will need to move to the area, and they will be frequenting the local grocery stores, shops, and restaurants. As such, many people are calling this a historic event for Southwest Louisiana.

EPC’s Impact on Southwest Louisiana

With the increase in the number of refining and petrochemical plants comes a natural associated concern for efficiency. Over the years there have been instances in which the improper or negligent handling of certain production aspects have lead to negative and even deadly situations. As such, there is a strong need for effective measures to ensure that all industrial processes are completed safely and efficiently.

Many companies have found that implementing best EPC practices are especially helpful in ensuring safety and efficiency. The different elements of the EPC process helps to ensure that the production as a whole is a success. For instance, the engineering component ensures that the logistics and finances of the process are and remain in order, while the procurement aspect focuses on obtaining quality materials and products to ensure the quality of the finished construction project. With all parts working together, it is clear how EPC can benefit the refining and petrochemical production processes. Industrial companies understand this and have been implementing best EPC practices throughout the area, which has resulted in streamlined production and enhanced revenue.

An Eye Toward the Future

The Southwest Louisiana region is on course to experience a positive economic surge due to the increase in the refining and petrochemical industries. With this expansion comes the need for effective means of project management that will help to move the production process along in a safe and efficient manner. EPC has proven to be very effective in such efforts. Thus far, the positive impact of its implementation has been great, saving the companies time and production costs.

There is no denying the impact of EPC on the success of the refining and petrochemical plants in the Southwest Louisiana area. Good EPC promotes quality, efficiency and team work as well as other great benefits all of which are important aspects to the proper functioning of any refining or industrial facility. Therefore, there is a positive outlook for the continual use of quality EPC in these plants as they continue to grow and flourish, creating greater opportunities and better lives for Southwest Louisiana residents.

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