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When you are looking for a fabrication shop that can produce what you need, you don’t want to work with a business that will only do half of the work. An important step in the fabrication process is often sandblasting. Why? Because sandblasting is crucial for readying the raw materials for fabrication and assembly, as well as creating a smooth, even finish that allows for the application of coatings and paints if necessary. A fabrication shop is only as good as the final product it yields. Let’s take a closer look at why sandblasting is important at fabrication shops.

The Process of Fabrication

When working with metal, your welder and/or project manager will cut larger pieces down to size and go about connecting smaller pieces as necessary. In fact, during the process you can expect your hired professional to:

  • Cut and Burn – Abrasive saws, lasers, burn tables and water jet cutters may be used to cut the raw material into a more workable size.
  • Forming – Essentially, the project professional will apply enough pressure to the raw material to force it into the desired shape.
  • Machining – With lathes, drills and mills, the professional will remove any excess or unwanted material from the raw metal block.
  • Welding – With the application of heat, the professional melts two metal pieces into one cohesive piece.

After this process, your project may not need further structural work, but you’ll likely want either a protective coating or a more attractive paint finish. This is where sandblasting comes into play.

Putting on the Final Polish

Once your order product get through the initial fabrication process, it may still have a myriad of cosmetic issues. While the essential structure may be complete and the piece may even be functional, it will have a number of rough surfaces. These uneven surfaces may make it impossible to get a quality paint or coating job done on the product. To ensure that any paint or coating adhere well to the raw material, it must undergo sandblasting to eliminate rough or uneven areas.

What Sandblasting Can Do

Though sandblasting is chiefly a means of evening a project’s surface in preparation for a protective coating, the service can accomplish a number of other goals as well. As a service, sandblasting can:

  • Smooth – If you’re touching up an existing structure or polishing off a new project, sandblasting can smooth out a surface as needed.
  • Texture – Smooth is a great option, but either for cosmetic or safety reasons, you can also use the service to implement a textured surface on the raw metal.
  • Remove Rust – When you’re giving your existing metal structures a touch up, you’ll probably want to remove any rust to ensure the projects structural integrity.
  • Treat Discoloration – After exposure to the elements and/or long-term use, metal structure can show discoloration, which may require sandblasting to fix.

Sandblasting is a key service in fabrication shops promising high quality, convenience, and value. Polaris is proud to offer sandblasting services in addition to our regular engineering, construction, and fabrication services. You can count us to deliver a product that is completely finished, right down to the finish itself.

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