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Modular system skids are units designed to house an entire process. These can come in a single piece or several pieces that will be connected together as one unit. Skids can be something as simple as a pump cart or a more complicated reactor and blend system. Modular skid units can be found in a multitude of industries including agriculture, chemical, food, pharmaceuticals and software development. The units are often used for filtration, pasteurization, temperature control, mixing, batching and homogenization. However, skids work best with systems that can fit into a frame. Let’s take a look on some major benefits of modular skid units.

Efficiently Use Your Space

One of the main functions of a modular system skid is to make the most of existing space. If you need to fit an important process system into a small area, a modular skid unit can more than likely help you. Additionally, because they come preassembled on a frame, the units can easily be deconstructed and taken to a new location. If you plan to grow your business but won’t need to upgrade equipment with every location change, the modular skid will be a good addition to your operation.

Greater Quality Control in Unit Construction

Usually, a third-party manufacturer will make your company’s skids off-site. This means more attention will be paid to the detail of the build as you focus your efforts on other important company tasks. Construction of the modular system skids typically involves piping, welding and other fabrication methods. Finding skilled workers who can complete all of your contracting needs as well as being about to build meticulous process systems is difficult and expensive. However, you can trust a specialized manufacturer to deliver reliable and quality equipment.

Faster Installation

Essentially, modular systems save you and your team from having to perform multiple hyper detail-oriented tasks. If you have to wait for your construction team to attach hundreds of pipes, nuts and bolts, you will have to budget in more time for completing your move, renovation or upgrade. Modular skid units come fully built and can be fit neatly together with minimal effort and assembly. Overall, this can say you hours, weeks or even months, which means you can get back to business much faster than you expected.

Fully Tested

Often when you install new process systems or other equipment, you must test for a high level of functionality before your company can resume operational practices. Should you find any issues, they will delay the construction process because you must locate and then fix the problems. Modular skid units come fully tested according to your industry’s standards. This means you can trust that the process system will work as required as soon as you install it. In this way, modular skids provide both peace of mind and a sound investment for your company.

Layout Accessibility

If your process system has a messy layout, this can lead to a lot of issues in the future. It is normal to experience a few hiccups in your system, but how will you fix the problem if you cannot reach the faulty part? Modular skid units are designed to make your system easily accessible. Typically, the layout features a central hallway with major equipment pieces secured around the frame’s edge. Should you have to replace or locate a specific part, you don’t have to worry about deconstructing the system to find or reach it.

Modular skid units are deigned to make your professional life as easy as possible. If you want to upgrade or construct a process system, consider these units as a means of saving time and ultimately, money. By hiring a company like Polaris to manufacturer to take care of the equipment’s assembly, you can divert your valuable time and attention to other important company-related tasks and projects.

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