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When a company requires quality piping, structural steel or other large-scale products to be fabricated for its business needs, it is essential to engage a firm that is housed in a top-quality, ultramodern fabrication shop to complete the project. There are several important characteristics to look for in a fabrication shop that will result shorter lead times, and the Polaris fabrication facility is an excellent example of a large-scale, modern facility with efficient processes and quality output. The following three areas of the fabrication business can affect lead times on pipe fabrication and other projects.

The Fabrication Shop

The size and setup of the fabrication shop is of utmost importance to ensure a quality, customized product that is completed in the shortest possible lead time. There are several reasons why the size and layout of the shop is so important.

  • The larger the shop is, the larger the product that can be fabricated there
  • An expansive work area can accommodate many projects at the same time, and has the capacity for workers to complete the client’s project to the exact requested specifications in a shorter time without needing to wait long periods to use equipment
  • A work area that can accommodate a nearly-infinite variety of projects is essential to the timely completion of products
  • Well-maintained equipment minimizes downtime and results in a finished product in a shorter time
    Shop fabrication instead of on-site fabrication (made close to where it will be installed) means no weather delays and the increased ability to remain on schedule
  • Quality ventilation prevents cross-contamination
  • The placement of the shop near interstate and water shipping routes cuts down on delivery times for the transport of raw materials and the finished products

The Technology at the Fabrication Shop

A large-scale facility that houses the latest high-performing machines and technology will have much greater capabilities than its competitors in the fabrication industry. Polaris Engineering is a leader in providing engineering and fabrication services to a variety of industries using cutting-edge technology.

  • The availability of a variety of well-maintained machines such as cranes, cherry pickers, forklifts, saws and angle rollers on one site allows for quicker, smoother production
  • Advanced onsite technology and equipment makes certain that a wide range of products can be built to the client’s specifications without needing to outsource portions of the product and thereby further reducing lead times
  • On-site paint booths and sandblasting booths generate a completely finished and ready-to-ship product in a minimum of time

The People at the Fabrication Shop

Experienced and skillful craftsmen take care to create high quality products in a safe, predictable environment. They are able to maximize their potential when all the proper tools and machines are available at their fingertips in a modern, well-organized and large space.

  • Experts who do their work in a top-notch fabrication shop have an advantage over those who do on-site fabrication by being familiar with their consistent work environment
  • Managers use proven systems that integrate quality assurance, maximize efficiency and decrease lead time
  • Welders have advanced capabilities and top equipment. Polaris offers welding capabilities including ASME code stamps including R, S and U. It is a good decision to use a company that employs welders who are proficient in a variety of welding processes such as Flux Core-Arc Welding (FCAW), Gas Metal-Arc Welding (GMAW), Gas Tungsten-Arc Welding (GTAW), Shielded Metal-Arc Welding (SMAW) and Submerged-Arc Welding (SAW)
  • Making safety a high priority ensures a minimum of downtime and ultimately results in shorter lead times

Employing a company that operates in a state-of-the-art fabrication facility will likely increase the efficiency, consistency, quality and safety of the project. The job needs to be done right, with the quickest turnaround time, and Polaris is a qualified, capable company with a modern facility in which a large variety of projects can be completed in a minimum of time on budget and to exact client specifications and needs.

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