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Choosing the right company to perform industrial fabrication is crucial to the success of a project. The quality of the fabrication will likely impact how long the product lasts, how dependable it is, and perhaps even the associated upkeep and maintenance costs. The fabrication must be timely and cost effective and the performance of the work must meet all safety standards. Choosing the right company for your industrial fabrication project can also be a very difficult decision. We’ve compiled a brief checklist of fabrication best practices to make the task a little more manageable.

The Company

The quality of your fabrication will only be as good as the company providing it. It is important to determine whether or not that company meets at least these follow criteria:

The Company Is Organized – Even a company staffed with skilled employees will fail if it is not properly organized. At best, poor organization leads to scheduling, planning, and logistical nightmares. At worst it can lead to costly, even dangerous mishaps. It is key ascertaining whether or not the company itself is reliable, organized, and well run.

The Company Is Transparent – It is also essential to get a sense of how the company works and what their process is. Are they upfront about delays and problems? Do they provide a clear pricing structure? In essence, do you know what you are getting?

The Company Is Easy To Deal With – How easy is it to communicate with the company? Do they return your calls and emails in a timely manner? Is the staff professional and courteous? Do they make you feel like your project is a priority?

The Company Is Knowledgeable – Even if the company is well organized, transparent, and great with customer service, unless they actually know what they are doing the project is likely doomed before it even begins. It is key to determine what qualifications the company has for your project. Have they completed similar work in the past? Do they understand your industry?

The Facility

The fabrication facility is another extremely important factor in the success or failure of a fabrication project. After all it is here that the product will actually be fabricated. That is why it is necessary for the facility to meet the following criteria:

The Facility Is Modern – Technology has come a long way in the last few decades, making many areas of production and fabrication much more efficient, cost effective, and higher quality. It’s great if the company you’re working with has years of experience, but it’s important to be sure that they have continued to invest in new technology as it has become available.

The Facility Has Sufficient Capacity – It’s important that the facility have the capacity to handle the scope of your project. This will directly impact the speed of production and overall timeline.

The Facility Is Certified – Does the facility have the right professional certifications? If so then this will help ensure a safer, more reliable output. A good example is code work such as ASME’s R, S, and U stamps.

The Facility Is Well Equipped – Does the facility have all the equipment it needs to get the job done right? Industrial fabrication shops will need everything from cranes, forklifts, and welding machines to specialty equipment.

The Facility Is Adequately Staffed – Does the facility have a team of qualified welders, craftsmen, and laborers? It is important both that the facility have adequate staffing in terms of numbers, as well as that these individuals have the skills and experience needed for the job.

The Proximity of The Location – Does the facility have good access to highways and roads, or ship and rail? If the facility is too isolated, transportation and delivery can be much more time consuming.

The Results

Naturally you won’t know the results of an industrial fabrication project until after the fact. The quality of these results will likely be one of the single best determinants of whether or not you want to use a given fabrication company again for future projects:

The Product Was On Time – Was the product finished and delivered within the agreed upon time frame? If not was the delay explained to you in advance and does it seem likely to happen again?

The Product Was On Budget – Did the project remain on budget or did unexpected expenses and fees crop up? Once again was the pricing transparent and easy to understand?

The Product Was High Quality – Was the product reliable and durable, or was there one problem after another with it?

The Company Met or Exceeded Expectations – A good indicator of how well a company will do next time is how well they did the last time. Put simply, were your expectations met or exceeded?

Industrial projects always contain some element of the unknown, but if a company meets all the criteria on this checklist you should be off to a great start. At Polaris Construction we pride ourselves on the quality of industrial fabrication as well as our customer service and reputation. Our fabrication facility is also state of the art, properly equipped, adequately staffed, and within the project’s geographical region.

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