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Making a major decision about the firm who will design and construct an industrial fabrication project is never easy. There’s a lot riding on the decision, from short-term considerations such as budget and scheduling, to long-term ramifications, like ease of expansion, safety, and maintenance costs. An engineering firm that includes engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services offers many advantages over using three different companies to provide each element in the project.

Established Relationship

Using the same company for EPC offers an established relationship with a business. Getting started with a new client or vendor is always time consuming, because there are so many details that need to be ironed out, such as expectations, billing, contact information, and scheduling. Sometimes, the dynamics between the two key people don’t work out, which slows down the process even further. Instead of working with different companies, find one that offers EPC to ease the stress of dealing with many different vendors.

Improved Coordination

EPC improves coordination and effective use of resources. There’s better communication when working with a single entity who has different departments under their umbrella than when working with two companies, each under a different umbrella. This eases the collaboration and logistics problems when trying to manage multiple project coordinators.

EPC also offers more familiarity with the project and client. Having a team that understands an organization’s priorities and schedule can ease in the implementation of any project. In addition, by understanding that industry, subtle problems that are common to all projects can be better managed. This uses all the resources to their best capacity, without cutting corners on quality.

Trusted Quality

Working with an EPC organization also offers trusted quality in every phase of the process. Once they’ve delivered in one aspect of the project, it’s more likely that they’ll deliver in other aspects. This relationship encourages confidence and builds a solid relationship with one business. It’s less stress for everyone involved.

EPC companies also have an overlap in resources and experience, which means greater logistical knowledge for each aspect of the project, from start to finish. A full service company is a good sign that the business knows what they’re doing and can manage a project effectively and efficiently while staying on schedule and within budget.

Superior Efficiency

All of this simply boils down to efficiency and support for the needs of the project. High quality fabrication comes out of better project management, and an EPC company offers that expertise. Use the expertise of consultants, engineers, and project managers who know the industry to get the most out of your budget and time.

From start to finish, Polaris offers EPC services within the industrial fabrication industry. We handle small, medium, and large size projects in our facility that is easy access to the interstate system and railway system. Our standards of quality have been recognized by ASME. We don’t waver in our standards when we create a project. Ask us about all our services to find out how we work hard to save time and money in industrial fabrication while keeping standards high.

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