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In many ways industrial fabrication is the very backbone of industry itself. It is industrial fabrication that creates the equipment, parts, and structures that ultimately form the framework of industrial facilities and that allows them to reach their full production potential. Thus, it is vital that the company performing industrial fabrication for your facility be the best that it can be. Yet, competition is fierce and finding the best industrial fabrication company isn’t always easy. To aid in your search we’ve compiled the following list of important qualities to look for when choosing an industrial fabrication company.

Capacity & Fabrication Space

One of the most basic, but important qualities to consider is the company’s capacity and fabrication space. Assuming that the company also has the manpower, equipment, and other requisite resources, more fabrication space obviously means higher capacity. Sufficient capacity is important to prevent bottlenecking and backlogs which, if left unchecked, will rapidly derail production schedules.

ASME Certification

ASME, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, is an organization that provides standards certification for industrial shops and companies. ASME certification is important because in order to receive ASME’s certification stamps the facility must meet a series of crucial quality and safety standards. Thus, it is a very good sign if your industrial fabrication company has received ASME certification. Some key stamps to look for are ASME’s R, S, and U stamps.

Welding Capabilities

Welding is at the core of most industrial fabrication processes. The industrial fabrication company you choose should have a wide range of welding capabilities since this will in turn dictate the type of fabrication they can do and will also ensure that the best welding technique possible is being used for a given application. Some important industrial welding services include the following: GMAW, GTAW, SMAW, SAW, and FCAW. Check out our article about Types of Welding Services for Industrial Fabrication for more detailed information about these welding services.

Transport Access

Transport access is an important quality to consider when choosing an industrial fabrication company because it will dictate how quickly and efficiently the fabrication company can send out and receive finished fabricated products or the raw materials used to create them. Fortunately the industrial region of Southwest Louisiana has a strong infrastructure of highways, waterways, and even railways. Make sure that the industrial fabrication company you choose has direct access to one or more of these major transport channels.

Manpower & Craftsmen Expertise

As we briefly touched on above, capacity is important but it is only relevant if the industrial fabrication company has the manpower and labor force to put it to good use. It is also important to consider the experience and expertise level of those workers. Industrial fabrication often requires sophisticated techniques that only an advanced craftsman can perform. Make sure to inquire with potential fabrication companies about the training and experience of their craftsmen as well as the size of the company’s overall labor force.

Equipment Fleet

Fabrication space and a strong workforce are important, but in order for them to be put to good use, the industrial fabrication company must also have ready access to the various industrial equipment needed for the job. For example many fabrication jobs require heavy-duty forklifts, cherry pickers, cranes, pipe and vessel positioners, and much more. Having old, out-dated equipment, the wrong equipment, or too few pieces of high-demand equipment will seriously endanger the success and efficiency of the project.

Breadth of Experience

Choosing an industrial fabrication company experienced in the type of work that you need done will also give your project a major leg up. That is because not only will the fabrication company have the requisite knowledge and technical skills they need, they will also have the experience to executing them. Large-scale industrial fabrication projects often require extensive logistical management to keep them on track. Make sure that the fabrication company you are considering isn’t breaking in these logistical and management skills for the first time on your project.

Dedication to Quality

Dedication to quality is an important characteristic for just about any type of company or business to possess. However, it is extremely important for an industrial fabrication company because a defective or sub-par part could result in a full-scale outage at a plant or factory or even endanger the lives of employees at the facility or those in the surrounding community. Breakdowns and outages are also typically extremely costly, both in terms of actual repairs as well as lost productivity and downtime. Thus the industrial fabrication company you select should have a strong dedication to quality that includes meticulous quality control and quality assurance practices.

Commitment to Safety

As briefly touched on above a strong commitment to safety is also non-negotiable. You must be able to trust that the fabricated parts and equipment are completely safe to use, have been fabricated in a safe, secure way, and that the materials used are also safe and high quality. No industrial company can afford the human toll, financial burden, or bad publicity that will arise if there is a major accident or safety failure.

Polaris is proud to offer high quality, safe, and reliable industrial fabrication that meets or exceeds all of the qualities discussed above. We are committed to providing outstanding industrial fabrication to our clients and we have carefully cultivated the skills and resources it takes to deliver superior results time after time.

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