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A modular skid unit houses a process system within a frame so that the system can be transported easily. Often used in process engineering, and in industries such as chemical, agriculture, software development and pharmaceuticals, a modular process skid offers a high level of quality control, efficient use of space and pre-delivery testing to ensure ultimate functionality. Additional advantages include fast installation and easy system accessibility. Quality fabrication teams know that putting this kind of self-contained process in place makes the work day go much more smoothly for everyone involved.

One-Party Responsibility and Quality Control

With traditional stick-built construction, many different steps are required before a process unit is finally completed, and that usually means the involvement of many different parties. It may be difficult, therefore, to determine just who is responsible for making any adjustments or corrections necessary. On the other hand, the modular skid unit is made by one company, at a manufacturing facility offsite. The process system for which it is built arrives at its destination fully contained, fully tested and ready for operation. The modular unit fabricator accepts full responsibility and can remedy any system error that might be found.

The Space Saver

Because it arrives at the jobsite pre-assembled and contained within a frame, a modular skid unit is often the perfect solution if only a small space is available. Depending on the process system involved, the unit arrives as a single piece or as multiple pieces that can be connected. Since all the system parts are housed within a set frame, the entire unit can easily be moved from one location to another if necessary.

The Time Saver

Depending on the kind of process system that is required, the stick-built method might require a construction team to put many nuts, pipes and bolts together, a costly and time-consuming effort. When an experienced fabricator builds a modular skid unit for a particular company, the workers can concentrate on other tasks more directly related to the business at hand. The savings in time can extend to hours or even weeks.

All the Right Equipment

In addition to components such as piping, electrical wiring and insulation, modular skid units often contain equipment such as flow meters, heat exchangers, pumps, tanks and valves as well as the appropriate instrumentation and controls. In the usual layout, the major pieces of equipment are arranged around the edge of the framework surrounding a central “hallway.” This kind of positioning makes it easy to locate a particular part or identify an equipment flaw or operational issue.

Putting the Modular System to Good Use

Modular system skids are often used when a process system either needs to be built, upgraded or replaced entirely. They are often found in facilities that deal with physical, chemical or biological processing. Custom-built skids are used in a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Batch processing
  • Homogenization
  • Pasteurization
  • Distillation
  • Filtration
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Fuel delivery
  • Temperature control

Polaris engineers and fabricators have years of experience in building modular skid units that serve numerous industrial applications.

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