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The quality and efficiency of industrial fabrication has a lasting impact on maintenance costs, future output, safety, and even overall profitability. That is why it is so important to choose a high quality company to perform industrial fabrication. Often the best choice is the original EPC company that built or serviced the facility. Let’s take a look at why.

Industrial Fabrication Can Be Performed More Efficiently

If the company performing EPC also performs the necessary industrial fabrication for the company this often results in greater overall efficiency. That is because the company already has all the information it needs about facility dimensions, industry, and other key factors that affect who the equipment will need to be fabricated. The fabrication can also be done with an eye toward the overall EPC scheduled.

The EPC Company Is Already Familiar with the Project and the Company

As briefly mentioned, major advantages of using one company for EPC and industrial fabrication is that the company is already familiar with key factors about the project and the client company. The EPC company will already be aware of client priorities, timelines needs,and budgetary considerations. The EPC company will also understand the greater context of the industry and business and will be able to tailor their fabrication services to fit those client needs.

The EPC Company Has Already Established Its Quality

If an industrial company is considering using the same company for industrial fabrication that they also used for EPC services then that is a clear indicator that they EPC company has already established its quality and value and earned the client’s trust. Taking this unknown out of the equation can go a long way toward making clients feel more comfortable with their decisions and toward fostering a better working relationship.

EPC Companies Have Enhanced Expertise and Resources

Another good reason to select an EPC company for industrial fabrication is the overlap that often occurs in terms of expertise and resources. If the EPC company already has the requisite knowledge, personnel, equipment, and logistical capabilities to undertake a major engineering or construction project for a facility then typically they will also possess the resources needed to undertake major industrial fabrication projects too. That is particularly true if the EPC company that handles the industrial fabrication services is the same one who did the original EPC. However, even if it is not the same company, there is still a great deal of overlap between skills and resources.

There Is Already An Established Relationship in Place

It is much easier for key personnel to work together on an industrial fabrication project if they have already worked together on previous EPC projects. That is because there is already an established working relationship in place and the parties involved will already be able to communicate easily and efficiently.

Polaris Proudly Offers EPC and Fabrication Services

Polaris proudly offers state-of-the-art EPC services as well as state-of-the-art industrial fabrication services. Our 47,000 square foot facility is located on 17 acres of workspace and has convenient access to highway and interstate systems, as well as potential rail access. Our facility handles projects large and small for clients in the industrial sector. WE also possess ASME’s U, R, and S stamps in recognition of our facility’s high quality and unwavering standards.

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