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Quality is important in every type of business transaction. Industrial fabrication is particularly important because the quality of the fabrication will continue to affect performance for many years to come. This article highlights several of the key areas that fabrication quality impacts.


From routine service and maintenance to more full scale shutdowns and turnarounds, maintenance costs have a huge impact on a company’s bottom line. In many cases a high quality fabricated product will incur much lower maintenance costs over the course of its service life span than a poorly fabricated product. In addition to maintenance costs, the ease and efficiency of maintenance is also an important factor.

Output Quality

The output quality of many types of industrial equipment is also affected by the quality of fabrication. In some cases the quality of output may be reduced right from the start, whereas in other cases the quality of output may gradually, or even sharply, decline over time.

Efficiency and Operating Costs

Efficiency and operating costs are another crucially important element affected by fabrication quality. A poorly fabricated item may have a much less efficient output, burn more fuel, or generally be much more expensive to run and keep running.


A major obstacle of any industrial facility or plant is an unplanned outage. Such outages bring production and profits to a halt and often require costly repairs and replacement parts to fix. Unplanned outages can also destroy a production schedule or cause a company to miss deadlines and benchmarks. Poorly fabricated equipment and infrastructure can cause production to decrease or even worse…stop.


Good fabrication quality can also increase the overall lifespan of the structure or equipment, thereby saving the company time and money on a replacement. Obviously all things being equal it is much more budget friendly to replace something once every ten years versus once every five years.

Upgrades and Retrofits

Even the best equipment needs to be upgraded or retrofitted occasionally. Not only can proper fabrication delay the need for retrofitting but it can also ease the transition when an upgrade is absolutely necessary.


Poorly fabricated parts and equipment can also pose a safety risk in some cases. Since safety is a major concern at all workplaces, especially industrial workplaces, this reason alone is often enough to make a company think twice about using a less than high quality fabricator.

Often there may be some temptation to simply go with the lowest quote when selecting a company to use for industrial fabrication. However, as these benefits of high quality fabrication attest, the decision of cutting corners and saving up-front costs is rarely the best choice in the long run. Polaris is proud to offer its customers high quality, state-of-the-art industrial fabrication.

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