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If you are in need of a fabrication company, you don’t want to settle for just the first result your search engine gives you. You want to select the right business for your needs. While the first company you find may have an excellent reputation for bulk orders, that won’t help you if need a single structure. Use this checklist to help you find the right fabrication company.

1. Sufficient Experience

Regardless of the company’s age, the professionals doing the work should have years of experience under their belts. Experienced professionals will already know about regulations, industry standards and building codes. Additionally, they’ll have testimonials and references to support they professional merits they claim. Moreover, experienced fabricators will be prepared for any possible issues and will likely know how to avoid significant problems entirely.

2. Current Licensing

Do some research about the necessary licensing for a fabrication company in your state. Generally, these types of business are regulated at the state instead of federal level. The fabrication companies you’re considering should have their licensing information readily available on their website and/or in their offices. If you can’t find these credentials, ask. Make sure the credentials are current before agreeing to anything.

3. Their Services and Specialties Align With Your Needs

First, what do you need from a fabricator? When you can answer that question, check your needs against the company’s listed services and capabilities. The three areas you should focus on are design, materials and productions. In many cases, it is best to select a company that can approach fabrication holistically and provide you a one-stop-shop experience.

4. Reputation for Quality

Search the company’s name and read any reviews you find. Keep in mind one positive or negative review may not give an accurate view of the company, so consult multiple sources. Ask friends, family and colleagues for recommendations and always check the validity of testimonials. Look for Better Business Bureau certifications and similar credentials that indicate superior business practices.

5. Reputation for Customer Service

You can’t predict when an issue may arise, so you want to ensure the company is willing to provide excellent customer service when needed. When reading reviews and testimonials, pay particular attention to how clients are treated and how the company handles resolving issues. Look for consistently friendly staff and fast conflict resolution. If you see promises of good warranties, check their reputation for addressing customer claims.

6. Pricing That’s Just Right

Truthfully, you should probably stay away from the least expensive option. While it is tempting to save, you’ll get the value of what you pay for. The lowest bidder may not give you quality, but the highest bidder may be overcharging. Try to select a company that has a reputation for excellent quality at a reasonable price.

When you’re selecting a fabrication company, don’t cut corners. Do the research and carefully vet any company you’re considering. Before you agree to any terms, be sure to have a face-to-face meeting with our project manager to eliminate any miscommunications regarding the project’s parameters and deadlines.

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