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When it comes to industrial fabrication there is a lot riding on the decision of which company to use. The quality and efficiency of the fabrication will have a direct impact on profitability, the quality of future output, maintenance costs, and even safety. Fortunately for many new industrial facilities – as well as established ones that need new equipment and services – finding the best company to use for fabrication may be as simple as checking with the company that provided the original engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services that built the facility. What follows is a list of several of the top advantages of using an EPC company for fabrication.

Better Familiarity with the Project and Company

One of best advantages of using the same company for EPC and for industrial fabrication is that the EPC company will already be fully versed on the project and familiar with the client company. The EPC company will already be acutely aware of the timelines needs, priorities, and budgetary constraints of the project. They will also likely already understand the subtleties of both the general industry as well as the specific client company and they will be able to tailor their services to best fit those needs.

More Efficient Coordination

A major efficiency advantage comes in better internal coordination with a company that handles EPC and then also industrial fabrication. That is because the efficiency of communication and coordination between different internal departments of the same company is typically much stronger than between two or more separate, unrelated companies. With multiple companies in the mix it can be easy for one or more of those companies to drop the ball in terms of coordination. It can also be a time-consuming, logistical nightmare for the client company to attempt to coordinate everything themselves around so many different, unrelated companies and schedules. Comprehensive EPC and fabrication companies have a natural synergy and efficiency between different departments.

Already Established Relationship

Another important advantage to using the same company for EPC and for industrial fabrication is that there is already an established relationship. One of the most important, but often most time consuming aspects of working with a new company is ironing out all details about billing, contact information, schedules, general expectations, and even the personal dynamics between key people. By using the same company for fabrication that was used by EPC much of this learning curve can be eliminated.

Trusted Quality

One of the best things about already having a background with the fabrication company in a different context, such as with EPC services, is that the company’s work speaks for itself. If the company consistently delivered dependable, high quality results that were on time and on budget during the EPC phase then that is an excellent indicator that they will continue to deliver great results when it comes to industrial fabrication services.

Overlap in Expertise and Resources

Another great reason to use an EPC company for fabrication is that there is often an overlap in expertise and resources. If the company has the personnel, requisite knowledge, and logistical capabilities to handle a large scale project such as the engineering and construction of a new facility then they very likely also have the skills and resources needed to handle fabrication too if they are set up to handle that. That is true in general of EPC companies that also offer fabrication services, even if they were not the original company to handle the engineering and/or construction for the particular project that now needs fabrication, just the full service nature of the company is a good sign.

Greater Overall Efficiency

What just about all of these advantages boil down to is greater overall efficiency. That is true in terms of the knowledge and skills it takes to do both excellent EPC and high quality fabrication, as well as the logistical and support needs of the projects. It is also simply much more efficient and much less time consuming on the part of client company to use a company they already know and trust for fabrication.

Polaris is proud to offer our customers both state-of-the-art EPC services as well as industrial fabrication services. We have a 47,000 square foot facility which is located on 17 acres and has excellent access to the highway and interstate, as well as potential rail access. This facility can handle projects big and small for our customers and has received ASME’s U, R, and S stamps in recognition of high quality and unwavering standards.

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