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Industrial facilities such as mills, plants and manufacturing facilities are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve efficiency. They want to reduce costs without sacrificing quality or production speed. They also require a large amount of power to run industrial equipment and processes. These desires may not seem like they coincide with one another, however Polaris knows that with technological advances these desires can become realities.

Rather than rely on traditional utility plants for power, businesses can now use distributed power generation (DG). This helps get the businesses the power they want in a cost effective way. Factories can also turn to combined heat and power (CHP) systems to help them reduce waste and meet efficiency goals. In order to understand why these two technologies are innately efficient, you must understand how they work, why they are important and how Polaris can help your business become more efficient by utilizing these technologies.

How DG and CHP Work

First, let’s take a look at how CHP systems work. Normally when electricity is produced heat is allowed to release. You can see this release from smokestacks at a number of different types of facilities. However, when CHP systems are in place the heat is not allowed to escape. This is because a combined heat and power system is designed to produce both heat and electricity simultaneously. This helps factories, mills, and plants become more efficient by using all the energy that is produced. CHP systems help eliminate waste by capturing the heat and using it for industrial processes or even warmth.

Next, let’s learn how DG technology works. The normal way to get power is through power utility plants. They use power grids to transfer the power they generate to the end user. With DG this is not the case. Instead a generator is located on-site or very close to the facility. This power supply does not have to be connected to the grid, but it often is so that the grid can provide backup power if necessary or even so that the facility can sell the excess power they generate back to the grid. Both these technologies allow factories and other businesses to become more efficient in the way they produce and use electricity.

Why DG and CHP Are Important

Put simply, these technologies are important because they help reduce the cost of electricity and the amount of greenhouse gases that are expelled into the atmosphere. Here are a few key benefits for each type of system.

The CHP system is beneficial because:

  • It burns fuel one time and makes both electricity and heat.
  • Efficiency levels can reach 80-90%.
  • It relieves strain on the power grid.
  • It reduces greenhouse emissions because normally almost two thirds of the energy created by fuel is lost through the smokestacks.

DG technologies are beneficial because:

  • Remote locations are no longer a problem.
  • It also helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • It enhances a business’s power security since they don’t have to worry about the price fluctuation that can come from normal means.
  • Efficiency levels can reach 50% or greater.
  • It can be quickly implemented.

Both of these technologies can help businesses leave a smaller carbon footprint, and that’s pretty important. It also allows them to save money on fuel and energy costs while providing greater energy security.

All of this means that these technologies help the companies that utilize them by making them more efficient and lowering their overhead, while also benefiting the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emission. While these technologies can be used separately, they can and often are used simultaneously. When used together, DG and CHP dramatically reduce the cost needed to operate facilities, improve security, make the facilities more efficient, and benefit the environment.

How Polaris Can Help You

Polaris is excited to be at the forefront of both DG and CHP systems. We have helped many clients increase their facilities’ efficiency while also becoming more environmentally friendly, and we want to do the same for you. We’ll ensure that your system runs safely and efficiently and fully meets your needs. Discover for yourself the many efficiency and environmental benefits of DG and CHP systems.

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