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There are a host of different companies out there that offer engineering services and construction services. These many different companies all come with different histories and backgrounds, areas of specialty, ways of doing business, pricing, quality, and production timelines. For the most part having all these different options affords the companies and individuals looking to do business with them greater flexibility and more choice. However, having so many choices can quickly get overwhelming and slow down decisions. One excellent way to simplify matters is to consolidate vendors for engineering and construction, thereby using a high quality single, full service company. In addition to halving the amount of time and energy it takes compared to choose two separate companies, one for engineering and one for construction, choosing a single, full service engineering and construction company also creates a number of other valuable benefits. What follows is a discussion of six extremely important benefits of consolidating vendors for engineering and construction.

Depth of Knowledge

One of the best benefits of consolidating engineering and construction vendors is the enhanced depth of knowledge that it brings to both the engineering and construction phases of the project. On the engineering side, if the entire project will be completed by the same company, the engineers will already have a full and intimate understanding of the capabilities, costs, and construction timelines for their company. They will understand the equipment and materials that will be necessary and can easily communicate with others within the company to ensure that their plans can be well-executed.

On the construction side the builders and project managers will benefit from having the engineer readily available to answer any questions and expand on any information. If a change is required this can also be more readily performed. The project as a whole will benefit from the depth of knowledge and range of both engineering and construction experience that the company has.

Cost Savings

Having the same company perform engineering and construction tasks also allows for an overall cost savings in many cases. That is because the engineers can do their work right from the beginning with an eye toward how much the construction costs will be. Likewise greater overall efficiency and synergy between departments will create cost savings. Often companies will also charge less for their services as part of a larger engineering and construction package than they would for comparable separate services.

Time Savings

Having the same company performing both engineering and construction also creates time savings. That is because often different aspects of the process will overlap and the beginning phases of construction may be able to be begun while the advanced stages of engineering are still on-going. Additionally the improved efficiency and workflow between the two segments often allows work to be completed more quickly. Finally, the different departments themselves may be able to assist each other by compensating for delays or rearranging their schedules as needed.

Ease of Communication

Improved communication and workflow between the engineering and construction departments of the company is one important advantage. However, also beneficial is the ease of communication between the project owner and the engineering and construction company. Rather than having to call two separate companies, project owners can communicate directly with a single company. This reduces the need for repetition, improves clarity, and enhances overall communication.

Stronger Relationship

Working with the same company on a project from engineering through to construction also allows for a stronger relationship to form. This stronger relationship doesn’t just improve the subjective experience; it also foster greater collaboration and commitment to the larger project. From a business standpoint a stronger relationship is more likely to result in the company working harder and going the extra mile to retain business and earn future contracts. By contrast two separate companies performing one off engineering or construction services will have less overall commitment to the project beyond their individual responsibilities.


In the busy, fast-paced world of business, one of the most important advantages consolidating vendors for engineering and construction offers is that it is much more convenient. The time savings and ease of communication mentioned above make the experience much less of a hassle for the project owner. Knowing that the entire project will be handled from start to finish by a single company, and that the companies different departments can communicate internally with each other, removes stress for the project owner and allows a more convenient overall experience.

Polaris is a full service engineering and construction company and we are eager to demonstrate to customers firsthand the benefits of consolidating engineering and construction vendors. We will work closely with you to to help realize the vision you have for your project. We will also take the time to thoroughly explain the process to you, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with any additional information.

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