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One of the most important tools of success for any large-scale industrial project is effective project management. The quality of project management directly impacts the overall success or failure of the project itself. That is because project management affects just about all major aspects of the project. In this article we’ll take a look at some of these key areas affected by project management and how a good or poor level of project management would impact them.

Project Management Affects Costs

Whether the project in question is smaller in scale with no more than a thousand dollars available or larger in scale with hundreds of thousands of dollars available, one thing will remain consistent: the project will have some type of budget. Project management directly affects the success or failure of the project because it plays a crucial role in cost control. Effective project management helps keep costs down by eliminating unnecessary expenses and increasing efficiency. By contrast poor project management will fail to keep costs down, may result in unwise or unnecessary spending, and increases the chances that unexpected expenses will arise.

Project Management Affects Planning and Sequencing

One of the most important elements of project management is planning and sequencing for the project. Good project management ensures that the various phases and subphases of a project are completed in the most efficient, logical way possible while also providing a plan and framework for how and when the work will be completed. Meanwhile poor project management could result in wasted time, effort, and resources, as well as an absense of clearly defined tasks and benchmarks.

Project Management Affects Scheduling

Project management also plays typically plays a role in scheduling. This ensures that there is sufficient manpower available to do the job without over-scheduling a shift and needlessly increasing payroll costs. Good project management also helps ensure that coverage can be found for sick or absent workers and that project on a task won’t simply grind to a halt.

Project Management Affects Prioritizing

During any project unexpected events are bound to come up. Good project management ensures that the project stays on track with good prioritizing by handling the most urgent tasks immediately, assigning other tasks for later, or postponing low-level priority tasks completely. Good project management also ensures that by the time the project is finished all top-level priority tasks have been fully handled.

Project Management Affects Safety

Safety is a concern at just about all worksites, but particularly at industrial facilities. Project management helps establish and oversee safety protocols and guidelines. Many of the elements of good project management such as efficient planning, scheduling, and sequencing can even help prevent certain types of dangerous situations before they arise in the first place. Project management also helps ensure that the facility and project as a whole is compliant with relevant safety regulations such as those set by OSHA or local agencies.

Project Management Affects Communication and Collaboration

Industrial projects are also likely to come with many different elements and aspects that fall under the purview of various team leaders and key personnel. While individually these particular individuals and teams may have a clear picture of what they are doing in their given department, serious problems can arise if there is poor or inadequate communication between the various teams and key personnel. Good project management helps ensure that there is thorough, effective communication taking place and that wherever necessary different individuals and teams are collaborating successfully to get the job done. Good project management also makes sure that all top level individuals are looped in on major developments and progress.

Project Management Affects Execution

Regardless of how well a project has been planned on paper planning and actual execution are two different things. Good project management keeps a project on task by ensuring that it is executed as well as possible. Good project management is also flexible enough to capitalize on advantages and benefits as they occur while overcoming or minimizing setbacks and delays.

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