On-Site Energy: A Sustainable Solution

As environmental concerns rise and discussions about sustainable energy solutions proliferate two highly effective power systems come to the fore: distributed power generation (DG) and combined heat and power systems (CHP or cogeneration). When combined with state-of-the-art engineering and a careful analysis of the facility’s needs and processes these innovative power systems hold the potential to completely revolutionize the energy landscape.

Distributed power generation refers to the on-site generation of power, thereby reducing the facility’s reliance on local power grids and increasing its energy independence. Generating the power locally also eliminates the energy loss associated with transmission across the power grid, thus significantly improving energy efficiency.

Efficiency can be further dramatically improved when combined heat and power systems are utilized. These CHP systems capture and harness the release of heat that is a natural byproduct of power generation. The heat can then be used to supply steam for industrial processes, hot water for the facility’s plumbing system, or general warmth for temperature control. This eliminates the need to burn further fuel to generate that heat.

DG & CHP systems also benefit from the major natural gas boom that the US is currently undergoing, which has created much lower natural gas prices. These on-site energy systems can also burn synthetic natural gas (SNG), propane, or other natural gas liquids (NGLs) allowing for more efficient fuel transport and a much cleaner burning of fuels.

On-Site Energy Systems:

  • Are fuel efficient
  • Decrease greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Create more reliable energy solutions
  • Relieve the burden on power grids

Reliably Powering Essential Services

On-site energy has another important major benefit for essential public services and institutions like hospitals, airports, universities, and other crucial facilities: it creates an independent, reliable power source that will keep them up and running regardless of power outages that affect the power grid and surrounding areas. The on-site energy systems themselves have the flexibility to be highly customized to maximize efficiency, best utilize available space and resources, and reliably generate the amount of power needed by the facility.

Polaris: Poised to Lead the On-Site Energy Revolution

Polaris is poised to lead the on-site energy revolution. We provide high quality engineering solutions that optimize efficiency and integrate smoothly with our clients’ business processes. Our aim is to help our clients get their new on-site power systems up quickly and efficiently, with a smooth transition between old and new systems, and a careful, well-planned implementation process. Our cutting-edge technology, experience, and engineering expertise has allowed us to implement on-site power systems for companies on the global stage.