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To know how an accelerated project benefits your project, you need to understand what it is. When a project is being built, typically, there is a sequence that is followed for each phase. In accelerated project sequence, the engineering and construction teams work together and overlap phases of construction when possible. The key benefit in this is just a faster sequence of construction, but there are many more advantages for your organization when you use an accelerated project sequence for your project. Here are some of the advantages for your business.

Engineering Cost Savings

Although it might seem counterintuitive, having one engineering firm on the entire project saves money overall on engineering costs. It’s a more efficient method of project design and development, because different phases of the project can be completed at the same time. Instead of losing productivity by waiting on another firm to complete their section, engineers can move forward with the entire project.

Accountability From One Source

Using a single firm for all engineering decisions gives a great deal of responsibility to one organization, but it allows them to be more decisive and empowers them to take control of all the phases of your project. Smaller minor issues can be resolved more effectively because the firm itself can work out the details among its own team instead of burdening you, the customer, to be the go-between. The firm becomes more invested in the outcome of the project and has a better understanding of the entire project.

Less Demand on the Project Manager

An accelerated project sequence eases the stress and demand on project management, which ultimately lowers the costs in this area. When you have limited resources, you want to use them wisely and take pressure off of them.

More Coordination Between Teams

An accelerated project sequence brings together departments and terms to enhance efficiency and productivity. This cooperation leads to innovation and synergy when moving forward. A team-oriented project from the start encourages coordination and cooperation, which not only brings cost savings, but offers more utilization of all resources.

Faster Schedules

By working on different phases of the project simultaneously, the overall project just gets completed quicker. This means that your business isn’t interrupted longer than it needs to be. As noted, this is probably the best benefit of using an accelerated project sequence. Your organization isn’t waiting for a bid for the next stage of the project, but is ready to move forward when the project is. The engineers and construction team can work together when there are delays to do what is possible to keep the project on target.

Polaris offers the accelerated project sequence, and we’d enjoy discussing all the benefits of this high quality approach to engineering. The advantages of this method of design utilize all your resources more effectively and it gets the job done quicker. We have stepped in multiple points in traditional design to get a project back on schedule and finalize the details to move it forward. The best method is starting out with accelerated project sequence and letting our team be involved from start to finish.

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