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Polaris uses a system of engineering that is referred to as the Accelerated Project Sequence. This approach offers a wide range of important benefits and allows Polaris to deliver better quality and value to our clients. Let’s take a look at what the Accelerated Project Sequence is and why it is so beneficial.

What Is the Accelerated Project Sequence?

To understand what the Accelerated Project Sequence it is helpful to first understand what the Traditional Project Sequence is for engineering. With the Traditional Project Sequence every step of the project is completed one at a time in a rigid order with each phase grinding to a halt after completion while the client reviews and approves the work and takes bids on the next phase. By contrast with the Accelerated Project Sequence multiple phases of the project are undertaken simultaneously with each of the different departments and teams with the engineering firm working together to execute a fast, efficient, high quality project.

What Are the Benefits of the Accelerated Project Sequence?

The Accelerated Project Sequence has a number of great benefits including:

A Faster Project Schedule – As the name implies, the Accelerated Project Sequence typically has a much faster timeline than the Traditional Project Sequence because multiple phases of work can be completed at one time. This makes it a great choice for projects that need to be completed quickly or that may have a very firm, near-term project deadline.

Lower Engineering Costs – The Accelerated Project Sequence is a highly efficient process that allows clients to save money on engineering costs. This is possible because with the Accelerated Project Sequence engineering firms are able to work according to the big picture, bundling work together and working more efficiently in the process.

Single-Source Accountability – Another great benefit of the Accelerated Project Sequence is that it has single-source accountability. This greatly reduces the logistical challenges and helps ensure that the client and engineering firm are on the same page and that everyone has a clear understanding of responsibility and can act decisively.

Easier Project Management – The Accelerated Project Sequence requires much less management on the part of the client and can go a long way toward reducing the overall strain on the client’s project management staff or overall infrastructure. This makes the Accelerated Project Sequence a great choice for clients who have limited project management resources or who want great convenience and peace of mind.

Greater Coordination and Synergy – One of the best benefits of the Accelerated Project Sequence is the greater coordination and synergy that it allows. This enhanced cooperativeness allows for better results by allowing the work to be done according to an integrated, big picture view as opposed to isolated parts that may not fit smoothly together.

Polaris’ Industry-Leading Accelerated Project Sequence

Polaris is proud to offer an industry-leading Accelerated Project Sequence that allows our clients to reap all the benefits discussed above. As a full-service EPC firm we are able to guide our clients through every phase of the process while increasing efficiency and lowering costs. We are committed to client satisfaction and superior results.

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