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The Gulf Coast region of Louisiana and Texas is home to one of the most active industrial hubs in the nation. A major reason for this is the rich array of benefits and resources that are characteristic of this area. There are, however some obstacles and challenges inherent to the Gulf Coast. To deliver outstanding EPC services, any firm doing business in this area must have a firm grasp of the concerns unique to Louisiana and Texas and they must act accordingly. What follows is a description of several of these key regional EPC concerns.

Work and Construction

Much of the area is extremely hot and humid with swamp-like conditions. Construction workers, surveyors, and other outdoor laborers must take care to avoid dehydration and heat stroke. Additionally, because rainfall is so plentiful it is often necessary to factor this into project planning and avoid heavy storms. For some areas, potential flooding must also be taken into account.

Shoring and Site Work

One of the most important steps in construction is good shoring and site work. This protects the site from weather damage, erosion, and other environmental concerns while readying it for the heavy machinery and materials that will be coming. Excellent shoring and site work is essential in the Louisiana and Texas area to protect the site, resources and materials, and work crews from being harmed in storms, winds, or excessive heat.

Storm and Hurricane Resistance

The Gulf Coast Region is notorious for its hurricanes and major storms. Industrial facilities and plants must be engineered and constructed to endure these major weather events. The quality and strength of building materials is also imperative to safety and continued function.

Local Industry

The Gulf Coast Region has a thriving refining, petroleum, and petrochemical industry. Crucial to understanding the big picture of the EPC project is to understand how the new facility will synergize into the larger industrial landscape. Will the facility have an edge over competitors? Will it be able to benefit from the abundance of oil and gas or chemical feedstock?

Transport of Materials

Depending on the particular parish, county, or general area, Louisiana and Texas are fortunate to have one of the best transportation infrastructures in the country. The area typically has close access to railroads, ports, and interstate and state highways. For the procurement of materials it is important to compare the different shipping options for speed, price, and efficiency.

Distribution of Goods

The industrial facility itself should also be constructed with an eye toward how it will be distributing its goods and products. Will it be accessing the railroads, ports, and highways mentioned above? Will it be using pipelines? The preferred method will often dictate how the facility is set up and equipped.

The EPC firm should take all of these unique concerns into consideration when tailoring its services to the client. To some extent even the cultural heritage of the area may come into play as workers request off, or shipments are delayed, for Mardi Gras, local festivals and celebrations, major football games and other events. Polaris is extremely well-versed and experienced in these unique concerns and we are able to take them into consideration and deliver the best service and value to our clients.

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