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Green engineering is all around you. Small-scale versions for example include items at Starbucks that are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Larger versions include newer cars that run more cleanly. NASCAR, for example is a leader in green engineering, taking the time to redesign their buildings and stadiums to be more efficient, use less energy, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions where they can. Retrofitting a commercial or industrial facility with new technology is a great way to make them more energy efficient. At Polaris our engineers work hard to make our clients’ operations more sustainable and eco-friendly, which in turn translates into more profitability and a better image for the company.

What Is Green Engineering?

Green engineering is a philosophy that prioritizes the environment in its decision-making process. It can include:

  • Reducing the amount of pollution at your facility
  • Minimizing the impact of your operations on the environment
  • Reducing your dependence on energy
  • Minimizing the environmental impact of your finished goods

Although green engineering takes many different forms, it is vital to the earth’s sustainability.

Examples of Various Green Engineering Ideas

From the design of your building to the output of your product, green engineering is the framework for an eco-friendly business. One of the largest efforts in green engineering is reducing heating and cooling needs in your business because this is a big contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Engineers look at your system and make suggestions for improvement. Many industrial facilities use a combined heat and power system to capture the heat produced by generating electricity and redirect it into your building.

Another way that engineers create opportunities to be greener is to look at your manufacturing process. Also known as dematerialization, this process reduces the resources that go into your system, which reduces your energy use and carbon footprint. You may also find value in the products you use after their lifecycle. Instead of trashing your waste, you look for ways that it can be useful in another process which means it doesn’t end up in landfills.

Let Green Engineering Support Your Business Making Decisions

Implementing green engineering into your business-making decisions may seem difficult at first. However, by working with the engineers and consultants at Polaris, you can learn to take care of the environment while still maintaining profitability.

Going green is easy since as you naturally upgrade your facility anyway, you can simply make sustainability a priority. The IRS even offers tax credits for businesses that work toward being more efficient and using fewer natural resources. Meanwhile, today’s consumers also want to do business with companies that are conscious of their carbon footprint.

Polaris is an industry leader in green engineering and sustainability. We’ll help you be more productive and efficient by ensuring you have the best system for your facility. We can also tailor a plan to implement green technology and processes that protect the environment while reducing your overhead. Start with a solid plan from the professionals who understand your business. Go green and see the benefits to your bottom line.

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