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Choosing any professional for a job is never easy, but you have to select wisely. When it’s for a business project, the ramifications are even more extensive than for a personal job. It’s about short-term elements, like profits and timeline, but there are even more long-term consequences, such as how the project affects the efficiency and operations in your own organization.

Choosing the right engineering firm to develop the project can often make a difference in how easy it is for growth and expansion down the road in your business. Here are some questions to ask to help your team choose an engineering firm that fits into your goals and objectives to have a good working relationship through completion of your project.

1) What’s their experience and background?

This may be the most obvious element in choosing an engineering firm. Experience and skill in your industry is understandably important. It makes a difference in subtle ways, like having the ability to overcome setbacks and delays and their communication with you. A firm with more background and experience can keep a project on track more efficiently by setting realistic timeframes and maintaining your budget more effectively. The firm will also understand the specific challenges in your industry.

2) What type of services are offered?

Engineering, design, and construction go hand-in-hand. A firm that offers a comprehensive approach to a project will have more elements to keep you from having to work with multiple managers. You need an engineering firm with more competencies than just design. An engineering firm that works with consultants and builders will be more effective than one with just a design team.

3) What is the area of focus?

In addition to background and experience, you need to ask about the firm’s area of focus. What type of projects have been completed in the last few years? What size are the projects they have been working on? When an engineering firm focuses on an industry and size of project without stretching their capabilities, it gives the firm a better perspective into the possible pitfalls and areas in the project that need special attention.

4) Do you have access to EPC?

Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) are very closely related. By utilizing a firm that brings these elements together under one roof, you get many benefits. There’s a familiarity with the project that lets the firm make the most of the design and construction to keep the project on schedule, even amidst any problems and challenges. Keeping EPC in one firm also helps everyone keep a better eye on the bottom line.

5) How does the engineering firm handle the project sequence?

An engineering firm which can provide an accelerated project sequence keeps the job on track by overlapping elements that can done at the same time. It means faster schedules and lower costs for your business, but not every engineering firm can provide this service. A smooth workflow between multiple departments is not always attainable unless the engineers have the experience to develop this in their design.

At Polaris, we have the experience and background in the industry designing for small to medium-sized projects. Because your company will be working with ours over a long period of time, we want to be a good fit for you. We offer communication along every step of the way to keep your organization informed and up-to-date with everything that is happening on the project. We bring your vision to realization with our team of professional engineers, project managers, and builders.

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