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In today’s economy companies big and small, across all different industries, are eager to do everything possible to cut costs and increase profits. Often this means finding a new, more cost efficient way to do a familiar task or process. Other times the answer may lie in adapting a revolutionary new approach. Regardless engineering firms are at the forefront, helping companies make their bottom lines more robust. What follows are several key ways that better engineering saves companies money.

Improved Product Quality

Product defects can ravage a company’s image within their industry and may also result in expensive recalls and replacements. Process engineers can avert these costly mishaps and improve product quality by analyzing the production system and the component materials and parts that go into the product and locating areas that can be improved. In some cases this may also result in a better finished product that can in turn be sold at a higher price.

Debottlenecking Operations

It is very common in industrial and manufacturing facilities for there to be one, or perhaps a few, problem areas where progress markedly slows down, creating an operations bottleneck. This bottleneck drastically reduces production speed and may threaten to derail important deadlines and timetables. Consulting engineering firms are often able to find creative, effective solutions for debotlenecking operations without the need for major, costly system overhauls. When upgrades and replacements are necessary the engineering firm can also consult on the best equipment and parts to upgrade for a maximum return on investment. They can also consult on optimal installation and configuration.

Increased Labor Efficiency

For many companies labor costs are one of the single biggest expenses. Better engineering practices can reduce labor by eliminating redundant steps and helping employees work smarter not harder. This in turn may allow fewer people to accomplish the same work, freeing up employees for other, more profitable tasks. Improved labor efficiency may also help prevent worker fatigue and eventual burnout.

Increased Energy Efficiency

One of the most important ways that better engineering can save companies money is by increasing energy efficiency. Often energy efficiency can be increased by making a few minor modifications to a system or by rerouting heat and energy to a different part of the system where it can be efficiently utilized as opposed to allowing it to be lost in burn off. Other times preheating chemicals and feedstock or upgrading key equipment and parts can significantly boost energy efficiency.

State-of-the-Art Energy Solutions

As discussed above sometimes merely modifying old systems and ways of doing things isn’t enough to maximize efficiency and cut costs; sometimes it is necessary to take a whole new, innovative approach. Engineering is rising to that challenge in many ways including developing and installing exciting new, state-of-the-art energy solutions. One such solution is distributed power generation which involves generating power on-demand, on-site instead of acquiring it in conventional ways from a utility plant. This can result in significant savings, increased power efficiency, and better energy security and reliability.

Another exciting emerging technology are combined heat and power systems. These systems generate thermal heat along with traditional energy. Since many facilities require both heat management and energy combining the two can result in considerable savings and efficiency. These systems are also considered more “green” because they reduce the overall amount of fuel resources used and create fewer greenhouse gasses. Best engineering practices facilitate these exciting new fuel solutions by optimizing their design and implementation and getting them setup quickly, safely, and efficiently.

Polaris is proud to be at the forefront of emerging energy solutions and best engineering practices. We are a full service engineering firm able to provide industry-leading consultation, improved efficiency, and superior operations debottlenecking. Please contact us for information about these or other engineering services.

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