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The Polaris System is based on what is known as the Accelerated Project Sequence within the engineering industry. Compared to the Traditional Project Sequence, the Accelerated Project Sequence offers a number of important benefits. These benefits go beyond simply a faster schedule, which in itself is of huge benefit to many projects, to instead encompass everything from cost savings, great accountability, enhanced synergy and communication, and much more. This article will briefly focus on the benefits in several key areas that are delivered with the Accelerated Project Sequence.

Faster Project Schedule

The most obvious, and also one of the most significant, benefits delivered by the Accelerated Project Sequence is in terms of the positive effect it has on the project schedule. With the Traditional Project Sequence each phase of the project is completed one at a time in sequential order with progress halting as the client reviews each phase and perhaps also takes bids from different firms for the next phase of the project. By contrast with the accelerated project sequence different phases of the project are worked on simultaneously, with the various departments and teams coordinating with each other and working together. This simultaneous approach to the various phases of work allows for the overall project to be completed much more quickly. Thus the Accelerated Project Sequence is a great choice for projects that need to be finished right away.

Lower Engineering Costs

The greater efficiency of the Accelerated Project Sequence also reduces engineering costs compared to the Traditional Project Sequence. That is because the fact that a single engineering firm is working on the entire project and that they can work on and complete various phases of the project at once, allows them to work in a way that minimizes costs and lost productivity. Bundling the engineering services together and working in the most efficient way possible lowers costs for the engineering firm and in turn also lowers costs for the client. That makes the Accelerated Project Sequence very helpful for projects with a smaller or more fixed engineering budget.

Single-Source Accountability

As mentioned above the Accelerated Project Sequence utilizes a single engineering firm to deliver all phases of the project. This in turn means that a single firm is accountable for the entire project and all aspects of it. This greater responsibility has a number of benefits. It empowers the engineering firm to make more decisions and behave more decisively. It also relieves much of the burden from the client since it requires less involvement on minor functions. The engineering firm itself is likely to be much more “invested” in the project and will come to an even greater level of understanding and advanced knowledge of it. These points make the Accelerated Project Sequence very advantageous for clients who wish to reduce the strain on themselves and focus accountability with a single firm.

Lower Demands on Project Management and Infrastructure

The Accelerated Project Sequence places a much lower demand on the client’s project management staff and overall infrastructure than the Traditional Project Sequence. Again this helps relieve the burden on the client and their resources. The burden is not just stress-related, however, because the reduced demand on project management and infrastructure in turns helps lower costs in those key areas. That makes the Accelerated Project Sequence a good choice for clients who have a smaller staff or more limited overall organizational resources.

Higher Levels of Coordination and Synergy

One of the largest benefits of the Accelerated Project Sequence is the higher level of coordination and synergy that it promotes between different teams and departments as compared to the Traditional Project Sequence. This enhanced communication not only increases efficiency and productivity, but can lead to more innovative thinking and greater overall cooperation. This makes the Accelerated Project Sequence ideal for fostering many of the team-oriented benefits which are in such high demand across all industries and sectors.

The Accelerated Project Sequence thus brings many excellent benefits and resources to the table. Polaris is proud to offer this high quality approach to engineering and feels that it is a major advantage to our clients. Polaris can also step in at any point during the Traditional Project Sequence to complete the project as needed.

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