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Most people who’ve ever worked in an industrial facility will intuitively understand the importance of quickly and effectively solving problems. Otherwise, a slight problem can have a significant negative impact on a facility’s daily operations and the business profit margin. To help pinpoint and fix any issues in an facility, you might need the help of a consulting engineer, but how will your new consultant get the job done when your savvy employees are stumped? Let’s take a look at how engineers can troubleshoot problems at industrial facilities.

Using Fresh Eyes and Expert Knowledge

Have you ever worked on a project late into the night? When you reviewed the project the next day, did you catch a series of careless mistakes that you would’ve easily avoided normally? Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes can see what you can’t. Leave it to the psychologists to explain why, but the point is a consulting engineer’s objectivity fresh perspective might be just what you need. Plus, they specialize in problem solving, so they’ve years of experience finding the root of pesky problems.

Making Slight Changes for Maximum Optimization

Minor changes made in key processes or workspaces can significantly improve your daily operations. Whether it is a slight tweak in temperature or rearranging your inventory, an engineer will focus on maximizing the optimization of your facility. To do this, the engineer will usually target four key areas:

  • Support technology
  • Process design
  • Operations methods
  • Process management and control

If you’re having trouble meeting quotas, the problem may be the result of a processing error as opposed to a technical malfunction. Using a holistic troubleshooting approach, your consultant will start analyzing your daily operations to understand where the problem may be.

Focusing Improvement Plans

When a small change can result in big impact, it is important to really focus any of your company’s improvement plans. Innovation and improvement can be costly endeavors, so you may have to choose what changes will be most beneficial to your business in its current state. Figuring out the best improvements for you is at the core of the consultant’s troubleshooting process. He or she will pinpoint the key changes that will result in maximum impact with minimal hassle for you and your facility.

Developing New Operations Systems

What is the root of your facility’s issue? Are you attempting to overcome new challenges related to expansion or sales growth? Do you need to streamline your daily operations processes? Sometimes the solution is developing a new system that better addresses your operations needs and current sales demand. Whether that means a few tweaks or a complete overhaul, your consultant should be equipped to identify what needs to be improved and what should be reworked entirely. While developing a new system may be a big task, the consultant will still target it towards what your company needs.

What does your consulting engineer do when they troubleshoot your industrial facility? They comb through your premises and look for key changes that will maximally improve your daily operations and bottom line. Of course, if you simply need one issue addressed, they’ll be happy to identify the source of the problem and fix it too. Polaris is proud to offer high quality, deep level engineering and consulting services.

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