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Consulting services can have a dramatic effect on the efficiency and profitability of an industrial facility, helping that facility meet its full potential. To do this the consulting firm will identify and diagnosis problems or shortfalls, analyze processes and systems for weak spots, develop strategies to resolve issues, and assist the facility in implementing and establishing these changes. What follows is a discussion of several of the key ways in which consulting services go about this process in their goal to help industrial facilities meet their full potential.

Consulting Services Help Facilities Identify Areas of Improvement

One important way that consulting services can assist industrial facilities is by offering a fresh, outside perspective. The day-to-day workers and management team at an industrial facility are likely to have established a working routine that gets the job done. However, because this routine is established and is “the way things have always been done” there’s a good chance that no one within the facility will even think to question it or look for ways to improve it.

By contrast a consulting firm will be seeing day-to-day operations at the facility with fresh eyes. The consulting firm will also have the benefit of expert knowledge and skills that allows them to see solutions for problems that may not even have been identified at the facility. Finally, the consulting firm will also bring their past experience to the table.

Consulting Services Help Facilities Optimize Processes

One of the core ways consulting firms help facilities meet their full potential is by optimizing their processes. Often rearranging the order in which something is done, slightly tweaking temperature or volume levels, or making minor physical changes to a workspace can have a dramatic effect on the speed of production, quality of the product, or cost of manufacturing. Consulting firms often employ process engineers whose job it is to optimize industrial processes. Process engineers focus on four key areas:

  • Process Design
  • Process Operations
  • Process Control
  • Support Tools

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Consulting Services Help Facilities Streamline Inventory

At most industrial facilities warehouse and floor space are at a premium. That means that inventory surpluses are often very costly. However, on the flip side inventory shortfalls are one of the worst things that can happen to a facility since they often result in production grinding to a halt until a needed item is restocked.

Consulting firms, especially those that also have a background in procurement, can help industrial facilities streamline their inventory, ensuring that the facility has what it needs when it needs it and doesn’t run out, but also that unneeded inventory doesn’t arrive or linger too long at the facility before it is either used or shipped out.

Consulting Services Help Facilities Focus Improvement Strategies

Some industrial facilities may have already noted several potential areas for improvement. For example they might be considering a switch to different component materials, an upgrade or replacement to equipment, or a site expansion. However, in all cases these improvement strategies are likely to prove time-consuming and expensive. Consulting firms can help industrial facilities focus their improvement strategies by determining which areas will yield the most benefit and the best return on investment.

Consulting Services Help Facilities Implement Changes

Once an area of improvement has been determined the consulting firm will also be able to help the industrial facility implement the new changes. Large-scale renovations, expansions, and improvements can be logistical nightmares and can quickly go over budget or miss deadlines. Consulting services can help manage logistical challenges and ensure that the improvement goes as efficiently as possible.

Consulting Services Help Facilities Develop Systems

Another core area of help that consulting services offer to industrial facilities is by helping them develop new systems to overcome challenges or simply streamline operations. Reliable, easy-to-implement and easy-to-sustain systems are crucial for establishing consistency and making long-term positive changes. Consulting firms can help industrial facilities develop cost effective systems that their employees will be able and excited to integrate into their daily routines.

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