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In order for a company to be able to complete large scale industrial tasks such as building renovations, maintenance and the construction of new facilities, it is crucial that the company be in touch with an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firm. Many companies, however, often overlook the important role that procurement plays in their operations. Defining Procurement In the world of business, procurement is a term used to refer to a company acquiring goods and services from places outside of itself. For instance, if the administrators of a business decide that it is time to expand and build some […]

Procurement refers to the process of a company acquiring goods and services from an external third party. In essence this means purchasing raw materials to be turned into end product, or arranging the services of third-party companies for a special project or on-going task. To some extent procurement is an aspect of just about all companies and businesses. Thus, many companies may have a special in-house procurement or purchasing department, while other companies may integrate these job responsibilities into various employees’ job descriptions. However, for some companies it is beneficial to outsource procurement to a company that specializes in procurement […]

There are certain elements that must be present in a business’ operations for it to be successful, no matter what size or industry the business is a part of. Efficiency is one of those key components that is necessary for the proper functioning of a company. Without efficiency, businesses lose time, energy, and funds. On the other hand, an efficient business saves time, properly allocates resources, and enhances revenue. As such, it is important that businesses are efficient in all practices. Here are a few tips to improve efficiency through better EPC, or Engineering, Procurement and Construction. Understand EPC EPC […]

Finding a great EPC firm is an integral part of completing a wide range of different industrial projects including new facilities construction, renovations, and routine maintenance. However, it is common for companies to get so fixated on an EPC firm’s experience and capabilities with regard to engineering and construction that they overlook or downplay the importance of the third piece of the EPC triad: procurement. In this article we’ll take a look at what procurement is, how it works, and what the benefits of great procurement services are. What Is Procurement? Procurement refers to the acquisition of goods and services […]

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