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There are key aspects that help any business to succeed. For refining and petrochemical industries EPC, or Engineering, Procurement and Construction, have proven to be essential components to successful operations. However, EPC is of particular importance in the refining and industrial sectors as is evidenced by the success of the Southwest Louisiana hub and the important role EPC has played there. Take a look at the breakdown of EPC, the Louisiana sector and how the two intertwine. Best EPC Practices In a nutshell, EPC is the collective implementation of engineering, procurement and construction processes to complete a project. The process […]

Routine turnarounds are a fact of life at most industrial plants, factories, and refineries. It is during this time that day-to-day operations cease and important maintenance and service duties are carried out. Turnarounds are also expensive and potentially dangerous if handled incorrectly. Avoiding the following common mistakes will go a long way toward making your next industrial turnaround more successful. Financial Mistakes Too Much Cost Cutting – Turnarounds are extremely costly and it is prudent to attempt to keep costs as low as possible without damaging the success of the turnaround. However, too much cost cutting can backfire and result […]

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