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Because of the size and complexity of industrial construction projects, these projects may employ vast numbers of workers and take years to complete. They require expert planning and procurement, efficient management of material and labor flow and effective communication and conflict resolution throughout the process. Heavy industrial workers must be able to operate and maintain large equipment such as cranes, graders, backhoes and loaders. The work can be dangerous, and workers must be adept at coordinating their actions with those of other team members and complying with safety protocols to prevent accidents and injuries. These factors make it crucial to […]

When you are hiring a company to complete an important construction job, you want to hire one that has the right licenses and qualifications. Construction companies must be licensed in the states where they work, certified in the specific tasks that are to be performed, have an adequate amount of insurance, should have a solid reputation in the industry, and be in good standing with the State Licensing Board of Contractors. If you need a company that specializes in engineering, power generation, industrial maintenance, and fabrication, Polaris is a well-respected leader in these areas. Licenses in the State Where Work […]

Construction on the Sydney Opera House started in 1959. It was supposed to take 4 years and cost about $7 million (AUS). It took $102 million (AUS) and was completed 14 years later. It’s one of the most iconic buildings around the world, but it was also a construction management failure. It was plagued with redesigns, underestimates, and cost overruns. However, ultimately, once Queen Elizabeth II inaugurated it in 1973, it paid for itself in just two years. There are many reasons the project became so complex and expensive, not the least of which was bad management. Let’s take a […]

Finding a reliable company to provide maintenance, engineering or construction services isn’t always easy. For each different company out there, there is a different method of doing business, pricing services, production timelines and even just the quality of service that you will receive. That means that it takes some research before you can hire a company to provide services for your business. Polaris knows how difficult it can be to find a company that you trust, and that’s why they offer a full range of industrial services to our clients including engineering, construction, and industrial maintenance. By using same company […]

Many facilities are reactive when it comes to equipment breaking down. This means that they wait until something stops working before getting maintenance. It’s much better to be proactive and to handle problems before they occur and to take care of maintenance on a regular basis. A great method for handling this is by using a construction and engineering firm that has a licensed boiler technician on staff. The Fundamental Role of Industrial Boilers Boilers are crucial for industrial facilities by heating and producing steam in commercial and industrial settings. However, boilers are also sophesticated pieces of equipment that require […]

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