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Although natural gas is widely used for electricity production, it has spawned by-products that serve a number of needs, such as fueling the growing distributed power generation (DG) market, an on-site energy option that is becoming increasingly attractive to businesses. It is seen as a viable alternative to traditional electricity and energy sources. Companies have a need for energy independence, and innovative power systems can revolutionize the industry going forward. Emerging Alternative Fuels The by-products that are so useful to distributed power generation are propane, liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and synthetic or substitute natural gas (SNG), but these fuels are […]

When a business has to frequently make use of large facilities such as factories, industrial plants and refineries, routine turnarounds are necessary. During a turnaround, the daily operations in the facility come to a halt and maintenance is performed on the machinery. Useful as this practice is for keeping operations running smoothly, turnarounds can be dangerous if they are mishandled. If a few common mistakes are avoided, it should be smooth sailing. Leadership Mistakes Bad Planning – Turnarounds are complex endeavors, and often several machines need expert maintenance at once. Strong logistics must be a top priority. Messy Scheduling – […]

Operations and maintenance (O&M) combine to encompass the broad spectrum of services required to ensure performance of the functions for which a facility was designed and constructed. O&M are the decisions and actions regarding the control and upkeep of property and equipment as a plant cannot function at peak efficiency without proper maintenance. This includes measures directed toward scheduling, procedures, and systems control. It also covers optimization and execution of preventive, scheduled, routine, unscheduled, and predictive efforts intended to prevent equipment decline or failure. The goal here at Polaris is increasing your safety, reliability, and efficiency. Fundamental Metrics for Ensuring […]

When selecting an industrial contractor, it’s crucial to ask the right questions and fully understand all the options. Making the optimal decision can result in saving money, disappointment, frustration, and time. Let’s take a look at some key questions to ask an industrial contractor before hiring them. Key Questions to Ensure Your Industrial Contractor is Working for You Choosing an industrial contractor that employs the design-build method equips you with the advantage and convenience of a single point of contact. This method is popular in the industrial sector because it improves and increases communication, and also reduces the chance of […]

Construction management includes the planning, coordination and oversight of a residential, civil, industrial, or commercial project from the design phase through completion. Strong construction management can yield more efficient projects and reduce the number of issues faced along the way. Early utilization of a construction manager can ensure that the design group, owner and contractor work together as a team toward a unified goal. Throughout the project managers like those at Polaris work to communicate with and coordinate the efforts of the owner, architect, subcontractors and inspectors to ensure the project is completed within budget and according to schedule. They […]

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