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A modular skid unit houses a process system within a frame so that the system can be transported easily. Often used in process engineering, and in industries such as chemical, agriculture, software development and pharmaceuticals, a modular process skid offers a high level of quality control, efficient use of space and pre-delivery testing to ensure ultimate functionality. Additional advantages include fast installation and easy system accessibility. Quality fabrication teams know that putting this kind of self-contained process in place makes the work day go much more smoothly for everyone involved. One-Party Responsibility and Quality Control With traditional stick-built construction, many […]

If you are in need of a fabrication company, you don’t want to settle for just the first result your search engine gives you. You want to select the right business for your needs. While the first company you find may have an excellent reputation for bulk orders, that won’t help you if need a single structure. Use this checklist to help you find the right fabrication company. 1. Sufficient Experience Regardless of the company’s age, the professionals doing the work should have years of experience under their belts. Experienced professionals will already know about regulations, industry standards and building […]

When you are looking for a fabrication shop that can produce what you need, you don’t want to work with a business that will only do half of the work. An important step in the fabrication process is often sandblasting. Why? Because sandblasting is crucial for readying the raw materials for fabrication and assembly, as well as creating a smooth, even finish that allows for the application of coatings and paints if necessary. A fabrication shop is only as good as the final product it yields. Let’s take a closer look at why sandblasting is important at fabrication shops. The […]

When a company requires quality piping, structural steel or other large-scale products to be fabricated for its business needs, it is essential to engage a firm that is housed in a top-quality, ultramodern fabrication shop to complete the project. There are several important characteristics to look for in a fabrication shop that will result shorter lead times, and the Polaris fabrication facility is an excellent example of a large-scale, modern facility with efficient processes and quality output. The following three areas of the fabrication business can affect lead times on pipe fabrication and other projects. The Fabrication Shop The size […]

When an industrial organization comes to the point that new parts or equipment are necessary, there are always design considerations to take into account. If circumstances require blast resistance throughout buildings and facilities, then those considerations become even more complex. Series of specifications regarding parts and assembly must be decided and many pertinent details must be reviewed. Some of these details include: Who is responsible to engineer the parts and processes Establishing an acceptable performance criteria Specification of blast design risks and loading Blast tolerance requirements and qualities Load combination rules Reliability of individual components, mechanisms, and systems Evaluation of […]

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