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There are a host of different companies out there that offer engineering services and construction services. These many different companies all come with different histories and backgrounds, areas of specialty, ways of doing business, pricing, quality, and production timelines. For the most part having all these different options affords the companies and individuals looking to do business with them greater flexibility and more choice. However, having so many choices can quickly get overwhelming and slow down decisions. One excellent way to simplify matters is to consolidate vendors for engineering and construction, thereby using a high quality single, full service company. […]

Selecting the most suitable industrial engineering firm for your project is a decision which can have far-reaching, long-lasting ramifications. In the short term the industrial engineering firm used will directly impact the timeline, quality, and budget of the project. Whereas in the longer term the work done by the industrial engineering firm will impact your company’s operating costs, efficiency, comfort and environment, and ability to expand and adapt as needed. Thus, choosing the best, most suitable firm for your project is crucial. The following is a discussion of several major attributes to look for in an industrial engineering firm. Experience […]

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