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Plants, factories, mills, and other industrial facilities are always looking for ways to boost efficiency, lower costs, and increase quality and production speed. That is why any technology that potentially offers these benefits is worth considering. One such technology is combined heat and power systems. CHP is a naturally efficient process. Let’s take a closer look at how it works and why it is so beneficial. How Does CHP Work CHP systems work by turning normal waste heat into a valuable and useful resource. Typically when power is generated there is a natural release of heat as a waste byproduct. […]

The vast amounts of natural resources located in and around the Gulf Coast have led Texas and Louisiana to become one of the most prominent industrial regions of the country. These resources supply the area with a number of benefits, but there are specific challenges that this region of the country faces on a regular basis. If an industrial company wishes to remain prosperous in Louisiana and Texas, it must possess an in-depth understanding of the area. Here are some geographic issues that have the ability to affect EPC in the Gulf Coast. Site and Shoring Work The construction process […]

To know how an accelerated project benefits your project, you need to understand what it is. When a project is being built, typically, there is a sequence that is followed for each phase. In accelerated project sequence, the engineering and construction teams work together and overlap phases of construction when possible. The key benefit in this is just a faster sequence of construction, but there are many more advantages for your organization when you use an accelerated project sequence for your project. Here are some of the advantages for your business. Engineering Cost Savings Although it might seem counterintuitive, having […]

Choosing any professional for a job is never easy, but you have to select wisely. When it’s for a business project, the ramifications are even more extensive than for a personal job. It’s about short-term elements, like profits and timeline, but there are even more long-term consequences, such as how the project affects the efficiency and operations in your own organization. Choosing the right engineering firm to develop the project can often make a difference in how easy it is for growth and expansion down the road in your business. Here are some questions to ask to help your team […]

A relief system is a depressurizing system that releases gas during emergency situations. The process can be controlled through manual manipulation, a piping system, or pressurized vessel from an automatic pressure relief valve. The gas is released to the atmosphere to relieve anything above the maximum allowable working pressure. The relief system may include: Flashback protection Collection piping Relief device A gas outlet At Polaris, we take into account the likelihood of hydrate formation and freezing during high-pressure atmospheric releases for industrial facilities by incorporating methods to depressurize the pressure vessels during an emergency shutdown. The depressuring system control valves […]

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