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A key aspect of the success of an industrial project is effective project management. Project management affects a wide array of aspects of a project from the beginning stages, through intensive middle stages, and into completion. Let’s take a look at the role of project management during industrial projects and some of the areas that it affects. Facilitating Effective Communication and Collaboration One of the most important roles of project managers during industrial projects is facilitating effective communication and collaboration between the different teams and departments working on the project. With effective communication projects can easily become delayed even if […]

There are many engineering services and construction services companies out there, all of which will naturally come with their own set of resources, experiences, and expertise. However, quite often rather than choosing two separate companies from among this vast array of options, it is beneficial to consolidate engineering and construction services. Let’s take a look at some key benefits of using the same company for both engineering and construction services for a project. Using the Same Company is Convenient One of the best benefits of using the same company for both engineering and construction services is the convenience this approach […]

In past articles we’ve discussed Distributed Power Generation or DG as it is commonly called and discussed the benefits that this process offers in terms of on-demand power and efficiency. Today let’s take a look at some of the common fuel types used to power DG and what benefits they offer in this context. Specifically we’ll consider Propane, LPG, and SNG. Propane, LPG, and SNG Are Derived From Natural Gas Boom It’s important to realize that propane, LPG, and SNG are all derived from natural gas or natural gas byproducts. This is beneficial because the US has a rich network […]

Industrial facilities require state-of-the-art equipment in order to maintain optimal efficiency and survive in a competitive industrial landscape. However, over time as technology advances, or simply due to age and disrepair, equipment begins to become obsolete. When that happens, a company may opt to replace the equipment completely or they may decide to perform a retrofit. If a retrofit is done it is extremely beneficial to have an engineer on hand to oversee the project. Engineers Have In-Depth Knowledge About Industrial Machinery for Retrofits Retrofits are often a much less costly solution than full-scale upgrades and replacements; however, in order […]

Polaris uses a system of engineering that is referred to as the Accelerated Project Sequence. This approach offers a wide range of important benefits and allows Polaris to deliver better quality and value to our clients. Let’s take a look at what the Accelerated Project Sequence is and why it is so beneficial. What Is the Accelerated Project Sequence? To understand what the Accelerated Project Sequence it is helpful to first understand what the Traditional Project Sequence is for engineering. With the Traditional Project Sequence every step of the project is completed one at a time in a rigid order […]

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